President Biden Addresses Concerns Over Omnicron Variant.

Credit: NY Post
Credit: NY Post

In a press conference held today, President Joe Biden addressed growing concerns over the Omnicron Variant. Among the topics addressed were travel restrictions, in which South Africa was pointed out as a possible candidate for halting travel to the United States. While President Biden was a bit reluctant to give an reassurances to the American people that everything will be handled properly and that they need not worry, he did leave it up to states as to whether mask mandates need to be re-imposed upon the public until more understanding of the Omnicron Variant is gathered.

At the close of the press conference, one reporter asked a question about possible lock downs. Mr. Biden addressed the question in a directly indirect manner. When asked if "lock downs were off the table", the President gave slightly ominous reassurance that lock downs were off the table... "for now". The conference ended there after.

Source: TechKnow Africa

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